Starting to get serious

Well the first week of summer vacation is nearly over and I have to admit that I didn’t spend too much time working on this whole project, I preferred enjoying my long awaited free time after another year of school. But I didn’t forget about the project at all I still searched the internet for some interesting gear to put into the box and I got the first book from the university library here in Basel about meteorology. My dad even showed me a temperature, humidity and whatsoever recording device that people in his job are buying en mass right now, but it would cost me about 70 euros so I’m not quit sure about buying one of those.

What I’m quiet sure about is the GPS transponder I want to use, it’s called the TK102 and has lots of interesting features. Take a look at it here: click!
You can put a SIM card inside of it and each time you call that number you get a reply text with the exact coordinates of the transponder, and in this case also the balloon. You can even set it to an interval mode where it sends you its location in chosen intervals.

Well that’s it for this little update. Next post coming soon!

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Hello dear internet.

Welcome to my blog in which I’m going to write down my experiences I gather while working on my final project (or in German: Maturaarbeit).

What I plan on doing is to launch a weather balloon about 20 to 30 kilometers high into the sky close to the border of atmosphere and space. But only a weather balloon would be boring and easy so I’m attaching a box to the balloon in which there will be a camera and GPS transponder. With the help of these two devices I want to create a short little film to show my school and everyone else the beauty of our earth and that getting pictures like those isn’t even expensive.

In case you didn’t really get what I want to do then just take a look at this video which basically is my goal. 

And to make it a little more complicated for me I want to calculate more or less the exact landing spot and other details of the balloon’s travel.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog for the next half year and hopefully get to see a spectacular video from space in the end.

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