Little Planning Changes

So I’ve been writing on my theoretical part of the project for last weeks and only did some minor changes to the capsule and parachute construction. I’ve been trying to contact Meteo Suisse for a while now but there seems to be nobody picking up the phone there, I wrote an E-mail to see if the number was still up to date and I’m for an answer right now. Maybe a little late but still in the possible time window I started looking for a Plan B if I don’t get an answer from Meteo Suisse. I contacted Kaymont, a balloon manufacturing company from the USA, and asked them for some information on their balloons and international shipping. Also here I’m waiting for a response. With the helium question I got a huge leap further today. My chemistry teacher told me I could probably get some helium from the University Basel since there is none at our school.

Also the box will get some little additions in the next 2-3 weeks which include; being painted black (to collect the maximum of the suns warmth), inserting a little plexiglass window for the camera and throwing this whole lot off a bridge.

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