The Styrofoam Box

School’s back and I haven’t really worked on my whole project for the last two weeks except for last saturday. What I already have for a while now is a styrofoam box. I got it for free in a local supermarket because those are the ones the fish is delivered with so it also had this smelly fish smell with it. The box itself was kind of big so I cut it in half and tried to form a nice looking box out of it and I have to say that this thing looks really nice right now. But there was one little problem with this whole installation. I had to find out a way to attach the parachute. At first I tried to just stick the strings to the box with duct tape and I was pretty sure it would hold, but it didn’t. I then had to find a way to attach the strings directly into the box, but I didn’t want to cut any holes into the box. What I ended up with doing isn’t that easy to explain so I have a picture for you (and there actually are holes in the box now, but only small ones):

I pulled the strings through the whole box and it holds really well at the moment. And as you can also see I builta little camera holding spot. The GPS tracker will go into the back of the box and so will the hand warmer. When this is all done I’ll paint the box black so it can absorb the heat of the sun rays and it should all work perfectly.










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