I finally got my camera, a Canon Powershot A490. It was actually really cheap, I got it for only 40 euros and it’s nearly brand new. But the camera isn’t of any use for me as it is right now. What I have to do is install a custom firmware onto it which gives me the ability to do lot’s of stuff that usually isn’t possible. And this little piece of software is called CHDK (Canon Hacker Development Kit). It took a while to install it on the camera since unfortunately it’s only supported with a BETA version. But it’s up and running now.
There are lot’s of preinstalled tools in this firmware, like taking pictures in the RAW format, or exceeding the shutter speed limits that are set by the original firmware, many little but helpful tools and even games! But the thing that interests me is the ability to take pictures in given intervals. Thanks to this I can create a nice little time lapse film with lots of shots from the earth. Right now I am testing this interval mode with 500 pictures and it seems to work pretty well. Next I’m going to stick the camera into the freezer and hope it survives 3 hours of wintery polar coldness.

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