The Internet: My Friend

Good evening all together. I’m back from my refreshing week in the south and am ready to continue my work on my project. The GPS transponder is ready to buy and I’m eagerly searching the web for the cheapest place to buy it, until now it’s ebay where it costs about 60 euros. Of course I’m also looking for a suitable video camera. Since those are pretty expensive (depending on the quality of the created footage) I might switch to a normal compact camera on which I can install a software that takes pictures in programmed intervals. This would result in my film being more of a time lapse film, but it would also give me the chance of having higher resolution still pictures since screenshots of movies aren’t really the best you can get.
What I also finally have is a contact person at Meteo Schweiz. I’m already writing down all kinds of questions I could ask him to make my little project a huge succes.
And what I shouldn’t forget: I’m still searching every corner of the internet for blogs, websites, forums and so on, for other people’s experiences. Just a little example is this site here: click!  Really interesting to read. There’s even a program that can estimate the landing location of the balloons payload.
I’m so excited and can’t wait to hold my little space ship in my hand by the end of summer vacation.

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